Growth Groups



Our Fresh Start Growth Group meets Friday evenings in the Governors Boardroom at Governors Square at 7:00 p.m.

Fresh Start will be taking a break for the Month of December but will be back in January!

worship_band_web2Worship Band Rehearsal and Renewal:  This Group meets once a week in the early evening to learn and rehearse the music we lead in our services. During these 90 minutes they spend time improving their musicianship, bonding as a group, and most importantly learning to grow as worshipers of God.  This group is for singers and instrumentalists who have completed a mini audition with our worship arts director. If you have musical experience and are interested in sharing your talent in this ministry, please talk to Robin Tayman.

At CIAG, we believe that life is a team sport – best done together! So we want to encourage you to check out one of our Growth Groups.

GROWTH GROUPS are The CIAG’s Groups of 15 or so people who get together each week throughout a variety of locations around Grand Cayman to meet new people while growing in their faith!

Here are four great reasons why you should join a Growth Group:

  • Weekly Bible study will help you grow in your faith (Psalm 119:11; 2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  • Prayer from others helps you get through the tough times (Philippians 4:6; 1 John 5:14-15).
  • You’ll meet new friends on this Island that will encourage you (Proverbs 27:17).
  • You’ll have fun with other people going through the same things you are (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10).

Here are why some Growth Group Attenders say you should join a Growth Group:

“Growth Groups make you more accountable with your spiritual walk.  Meeting other Christians weekly always reminds you that you need to keep your relationship with God in check.”
– TV Production Worker

“Growth Groups are a great way to meet people in the church because you get to hang out and discuss life – how to be a better Christian.  I’ve met a lot of great friends!”
– Guitarist/Composer

“Growth Groups are a great way to learn about a specific area that you’re interested in. It’s a small commitment that has a great impact on how I live.”
– Technology

“Be honest with yourself on what area in your life you feel needs to be strengthened with God, then find a group that will be studying that subject.”
– Non-Profit Business Owner

PLUS, there are several types of groups to choose from:
A variety of Groups allows you to choose your topic to study, along with those that share life experiences similar to yours.  Below is a description of each of the different types of groups that are offered:

General Growth Groups:

These Groups are open to everyone and are a great way to meet a great diversity of people while learning more about the Bible and having fun together.

Student Growth Groups:
These Groups are for college-aged individuals and are a great way to meet other students.

Community Service Growth Groups:
These Groups are General Growth Groups with a community service twist!  These Community Service Groups are open to everyone who enjoys community service and wants to make a difference in our city for God.  Each Community Service Group that is listed will provide a description of that group’s service project.

Couples Growth Groups:
These Groups are open for all married couples- a great way to meet other couples on Island.

Meal Time Growth Groups:
These Groups are General Groups that meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Mom’s and Family Growth Groups:

These Groups are open for those who have children and want to meet others who are also experiencing the adventures of parenthood.  Children are allowed at these Groups.

Women’s and Men’s Growth Groups:
These Groups are gender specific.  Sorry guys… You can’t join the Women’s Groups!

Worship Arts Growth Groups:
These Groups are for artists who are interested in meeting other artists and in learning more about how to use their gifts to serve God.  Note: some Worship Arts Groups require an audition, and if so, will be included in that Group’s description.