The New Norm – Part 1  Message 1-20-13
The New Norm – Part 2 Message 1-27-13

Love Stories – Love is. . .  Message 2-3-13
Love Stories – “You Had Me at Hello!” Message for 2/10/13
Love Stories – “Love’s Expression” Message for 2-17-13
Love Stories – “The Greatest Love Story of All” Message for 2-24-13

Hidden Dangers – “Lessons from the Titanic”  Message for 3/3/13

Hidden Dangers – “Shaky Ground”
Message for 3-10-13 Hidden Dangers – “Unseen Opposition” Message for 3-17-13
Palm Sunday: “Hidden Dangers – Dangerous Currents” Message for 3-24-13
Easter Sunday “The Triumph of Easter” Message for Easter 3/31/13

Theme for April

Fear and Phobias – Message for 4/7/13
What are you afraid of? –  Message for 4/14/13
The Scariest Words of All (Video Link) –  Message for 4/21/13 (Notes Link)
No Fear! (Video Link) – Message Notes for 4-28-13 (Notes Link)

Facing Life’s Challenges – Victoriously! (Video Link) – Message Notes for 05/05/13 (Notes Link)

Special Guest Jennifer Sands (Video Link)
Facing Your Giants (Video Link) Message for 05/26/13 (Notes Link)

Theme for June

Dare to Dream! (Video Link) Message Notes for 06/02/13
Dare to Dream Pt. 2 (Video Link) Message Notes for 06/09/13
Dare to Dream Pt. 3 A Father’s Dream Video Link (Father’s Day) Message Notes for 6-16-13
Dare to Dream Pt. 4 Message Notes for 6-23-13
Dare to Dream Pt. 5 Message Notes for 6-30-13

July’s Theme

Message Notes for 7-7-13 “Can’t Tell A Book By It’s Cover”
Message Notes for 7-14-13 “Not Really Fitting In”
Message Notes for 7-21-13 “Not Really Feeling God”
Message Notes for 7-28-13  “I Really Want to Have Fun”

August’s Theme

Message Notes for 08/04/13
Message Notes for 08/11/13
Message Notes for 08/18/13
Message Notes for 08/25/13

Theme for September

Message Notes for 09/01/13
Message Notes for 09/08/13
Roadblocks to FaithVideo Link – Message Notes for 9/15/13
Roadblocks to Peace: Video Link – Message Notes for 9/22/13

October Series

I Give Up…!  Message Notes for 10/6/13
I Give Up…My Need for Control! Video Link  Message Notes for 10/13/13
I Give Up…My Right to be Offended!  Message Notes for 10/20/13
I Give Up…My Will!  Message Notes for 10/26/13

Series for November

Series for November

Attitudes!  Message Notes for 11/03/13
Attitudes!-2  Message Notes for 11-10-13
Attitudes!-3 Message Notes for 11-17-13
Attitudes!-4 Message Notes for 11-24-13

December Message Theme

December Message Theme

God With Us – Message Notes for 12-01-13
God With Us – Hope! Pt 2 –Message Notes for 12-08-13 
God with Us – Pt 3 – Message Notes for 12-15-13
God with Us – Pt 4 –Message Notes for 12-22-13
God with Us – Pt 5 – Message Notes for 12-29-13

New Beginnings

January Message Theme

New Beginnings – Message Notes for 01-05-14
New Beginnings 2 – Message Notes for 01-12-14
New Beginnings 3 – Message Notes for 01-19-14
New Beginnings 4 –Message Notes for 01-26-14 

February's Theme

February’s Theme

Commitments – Message Notes for 02-02-14  (Video link)
Commitments 2 – Message Notes for 02-09-14 (Video link)
Commitments 3 – Message Notes for 02-16-14   (Video link)
Commitments 4 – Message Notes for 02-23-14  (Video link) 

March 2014 Theme Logo

March 2014 Theme Logo

Identity: Who Are You?  Message Notes for 03-02-14 (Video link)
Identity: Who Are You? What Defines You? Message Notes for 3-16-14 (Video link)
Identity: Who Are You? Who are you trying to be? Message Notes for 3-23-14  (Video link)
Identity: Who Are You? – Really! Message Notes for 03-30-14  (Video link)

 Forgiven! Message Notes for 04-06-14   (Video Unavailable)
Fickle and Forgiven! Message Notes for 04-13-14 Palm Sunday (Video link)
Easter Changes Everything!  Message Notes for 04-20-14 EASTER (Video link) 
Responding to Forgiveness Message Notes for 04-27-14

Theme for May and June

Theme for May and June

Transformed – How God Changes Us  Message Notes for 05-04-14
Transformed – How God Changes Us – 2  Message Notes for 05-18-14
Transformed – How God Changes Us – 3  Message Notes for 06-01-14
Transformed – How God Changes Us – 4  Message Notes for 06-08-14  (Video link)
Father’ Day – Transformed by the Father’s Love Message Notes for Fathers Day 06-15-14  (Video link)
Transformed – How God Changes Us – 5 Message Notes for 6-22-14
Transformed – How God Changes Us – 6 Message Notes for 6-29-14 

READY: Why God Changes Us

READY: Why God Changes Us

READY: Why God Changes Us Message notes for 07-06-14
READY: Why God Changes Us-2 Message Notes for 07-13-14
READY: Why God Changes Us-3 Message Notes for 07-20-14
READY: Why God Changes Us-4 Message Notes for 07-27-14

Running From.svg

Series for August

What are you Running From?  Message Notes for 08-03-14
What are you Running From? – 2 Message Notes for 08-10-14
What are you Running From? – 3 Message Notes for 08-17-14
What are you Running From? – 4 Message Notes for 08-24-14 
What are you Running From? – 5 Message notes for 08-31-14

Theme for September

Theme for September

What are you Running TO? Message Notes for 09-07-14
What are you Running TO? – 2 Message Notes for 09-14-14
What are you Running TO? – 3 Message Notes for 09-21-14
What are you Running TO? – 4 Message Notes for 09-28-14


Theme for October 2014

Growing Up – Expectations  Message Notes for 10-05-14
Growing Up – Peter Pan  Message Notes for 10-12-14 (Video link)
Growing Up – Sheep or Shepherd? Message Notes for 10-19-14
Growing Up – Practice! Message Notes for 10-26-14

Gap Logo2

Standing in the Gap Message Notes for 11-2-14
Standing in the Gap – Heros Message Notes for 11-9-14
Standing in the Gap – Timing Message Notes for 11-16-14 (Video link)
Standing in the Gap – Credit Message Notes for 11-23-14 (Video link)
Standing in the Gap – Cost Message notes for 11-30-14 (Video link)

Lets see this thing - Dec 2014

Lets see this thing – Dec 2014


Priorities – Seek First Message notes for 01-04-15
Priorities – Wax on, Wax off Message Notes for 01-11-15
Priorities – What Really Matters Most? Message Notes for 01-18-15
Priorities – “But first…”   Message Notes for 01-25-15

February Theme - 2015

February Theme – 2015

Take it to the Next Level!  Message Notes for 2/1/15
Take it to the Next Level – How? Message Notes for 2/8/15
Take it to the Next Level – Relationships Message Notes for 2/15/15
Take it to the Next Level – Game On! Message Notes for 2/22/15 (Video Link)

Theme for March 2015

Theme for March 2015

Nevertheless! Message Notes for 3/1/15 (Video Link)
Nevertheless, Because You Say So… Message Notes for 3/8/15 (Video Link)
Nevertheless – I Know! Message Notes for 3-15-15 Nevertheless-I Know (Video Link)
Nevertheless – Some Believed! Message Notes for 03-22-15 (Video N/A) 

April's Series

April’s Series

Defining Moments – Easter
Defining Moments – What Next (Video Link)
Defining Moments – Face to Face (Video Link)
Defining Moments – What Next (Video Link)

Theme for May 2015

Theme for May 2015

Messages Coming


Are You a Conqueror 6-7-15
Conquerors: Whats in your way 6-14-15
Conquerors: Fathers Day 6-21-15
Conquerors: Avoiding Waterloo 6-28-15
Conquerors: Who? Me? 7-5-15  (Video Link)
Conquerors: Looking to you 7-12-15
Conquerors: What’s in your hand 7-19-15



Messages Coming

Problem Logo

Messages Coming

3 thoughts on “Messages

  1. Pastor Dave,

    I am enjoying this series. The words below are so true they are worth saying again!

    “Many times Dreams are abandoned and die because we allow the naysayers and
    “well­meaning” to discourage and dissuade us from embracing God’s promises to
    us because of their own negative experiences or lack of experience. It is not
    unusual for us to allow those who have failed to embrace and pursue their Dreams
    to impose their own failure upon us! They often transfer their own limitation onto
    those whom God is challenging to Trust Him.”

    Bless you

  2. Hi Dave. Hope all well with you over there. I usually print out your weekly services and realy enjoy the message and thought put into each one. To be honest I have pinched a few of your themes for talks at my Ladies group. Hope that’s OK. I see there were no attachments for April and May. did you not put any up for this time? I will be visiting Cayman again for Christmas and look forward to coming along to your services and seeing you and Robin again. God Bless Teresa

    • So sorry for falling behind. We will be posting those notes in the near future! So glad you are enjoying them and able to make use of them! Look forward to your visit!

      Pastor Dave

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