Get Involved!

At CIAG there are many opportunities to get involved!

Set up Crew

Because we use the Hollywood Theaters, we need helpers to set up and break down every week.  If you are willing to join our team on Sunday mornings for set up and break down talk to Pastor Dave or Ezra Clarke or let us know on your Communication Card.


We are also in the process of forming our Praise Band!  We need musicians to help us with this exciting area of Ministry!  If you think you might be interested as a vocalist or an instrumentalist (we are especially looking for a drummer, lead guitar, bass guitar) see Robin Tayman or leave us a note on your Communication Card. 

Guest Services

We are always looking for Guest Services Team Members! These are the folks who greet you as you arrive and assist our Guests in whatever needs they may have.  They distribute our Registration Cards and Weekly Programs and serve in many other areas as well.  If this sounds like something you would like to do, see Alita Clarke at the Guest Services Desk or leave us a note on your Communication Card.

Nursery Attendants/Children’s Theater Workers

Because we are a “Kid-friendly” church, it is important that we have a great team of Children Ministry Workers.  It is important to us that we carefully screen those who work with our kids, so we ask those who are interested in this area of ministry to speak with Pastor Dave directly.

Growth Group Leaders

Our Growth Groups (Small Groups) are going to be a critical and large part of the ministry here at CIAG.  We will be introducing this important part of our church in the near future.  These groups are described on another page (click here to check it out).  We will begin meeting with those interested in leading one of these groups soon, so if you are interested in this area, see Pastor Dave or leave a note on your Communication Card.

There will be many other opportunities to get involved and we will list them here and announce them in our Sunday Morning Programs.

2 thoughts on “Get Involved!

  1. Good Morning

    My name is Natan Genao Hernandez, I’m from Dominican Republic. I will be working in the Cayman Island and I’m of the Assembly of God in Dominican Republic, I play guitar in my church and I would like to visit a church over there.


    • Hola Natan!

      We look forward to your arrival and are excited to have you join the ministry of CIAG! Contact us when you arrive!
      Pastor Dave

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