Who and What We Are

A Community of Faith, Hope and Love focused on reaching out and connecting with the Unchurched Community of Grand Cayman.

Jesus entrusted His church to find ways and methods to attract men and women of all cultures, of all backgrounds, of all experiences, and all interest, to hear His message. This “message” we call the “Gospel of Jesus Christ”. This requires finding new and different ways of “doing church” and presenting this Message to a diverse and constantly changing community.

At Cayman International Assembly, we have committed ourselves to providing a unique presentation of that Message along with a worship experience that we believe will attract and reach out to people who are currently unchurched and looking for something different than they have found here in Cayman. Among other things, this includes a more casual and non-intimidating experience for those unaccustomed to the “Traditional Church environment”. The “Worship” or music is more tailored to the non-churched or contemporary mindset.  The Teachings or “Messages” are short and targeted to communicate more towards those with a non-church / non-Christian world view or perspective. Our gatherings are more “time-conscious” with a particular sensitivity to the needs of young families with small children. There is a strong emphasis on the development of personal relationships or “community”.

We recognize that there are many working and living here in Cayman who can be categorized as “Non-churched Christians” who have left homes and cultures where they were firmly established within their own Church communities, but have not been able to find a compatible church community locally. We not only feel the responsibility to reach these groups of unchurched Christians, but we also feel that it is necessary for us to find new ways of reaching out to the non-Christian community by providing opportunities for them to hear the Message of Jesus Christ in ways in which they may have never heard it presented before and for many, for the first time.